Finding The Payflow Merchant ID In Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft’s Spring Release has made several major changes in the system, one of which is the handling of merchant accounts in the E-Commerce module. While all other merchants are still listed in E-Commerce – Settings – Merchant Accounts, Infusionsoft has placed any Paypal-related systems, including its flagship merchant – Payflow Pro, from there and put it somewhere.

This has caused a lot of confusion for Infusionsoft users who use custom coding or third-party plugins to access the system via the API. To get the merchant ID for most merchants, you simple go to the Merchant Accounts, hover your mouse over the Edit link to see merchant ID on the browser’s status bar, and copy the ID from there, as below.

Infusionsoft merchant ID

But if you’re using Payflow, the merchant will no longer be listed here. You will have to go back E-Commerce Setup – Payment Types – and find your Payflow settings there. If it’s NOT there, you will have to put back your Payflow details again.

Infusionsoft Payflow settings

But where’s the merchant ID? There is nothing to hover over to find that number. That workaround is no longer available for Payflow.

The solution? Start a Support Chat with the Infusionsoft Support Team and ask for your Payflow Merchant ID from them. They are available from Monday – Friday 6 AM to Midnight (UTC).

Infusionsoft Support Chat

This is probably not the preferred way if you’re in a hurry to complete your project, but you won’t get anywhere trying to find the Payflow merchant ID yourself in your application. Until Infusionsoft puts back this functionality in the system, Infusionsoft Chat Support is your only hope in getting what you need.

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