The Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Is Why I Still Prefer it Over All Other Automation Platforms

It’s the Infusionsoft campaign builder that makes it the best automation platform among all the others. And I am not just saying this because this is the first-ever platform that I have worked on.

I have been working on automation platforms since 2009 and I still prefer Infusionsoft over all the others. And I have worked on a lot! 

Why do I prefer Infusionsoft?

The linear approach in the campaign builder really speaks to me. There are so many connections and logic-building that can be done within the builder that I have not seen in any other.

The top-down approach in other platforms like Active Campaign and Hubspot workflows, or Ontraport are, for me, too restrictive and thus makes automation-building modular. You will have to build so many campaigns/workflows and tie them together.

In the Infusionsoft campaign builder, you can build entire logical connections and freely drop contacts in and out of sequences.

infusionsoft keap new campaign builder

That is not to say that the campaign builder is perfect, but they have done so many improvements and continue to do so.  I have a shopping list of features that I like from other platforms that I wish they had in Infusionsoft, but I’ll save that for another post.

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