Field Groups Now In Active Campaign

I love that you can create an unlimited number of custom fields in Active Campaign, however, there used to be no way to categorize them. So when you’re viewing a contact record, expect there to be a very long line of custom fields sitting in the first tab. One of my clients has hundreds of custom fields, and we have had issues where not all fields how in the record. I wrote Active Campaign support about this and they have not replied to me with a solution.

Until Field Groups came along.

I’m not sure when they snuck this in, but I work in Active Campaign almost daily and have not noticed it before. I was overjoyed when I saw it earlier that I started creating groups like a maniac and moving custom fields into them.

As you know, the fields live in Forms – Manage Fields. Now you will see an “Add Group” link (I wonder why it isn’t a button?) where you can add/create a new group/category.

Scroll through your list of fields and tick off those that you want to move into the group. A Bulk Actions dropdown will appear at the top of the page where you can choose to delete the fields, create a group with the fields, or move to a group.


Et voila! You will see your list of groups, and can expand or contract the lists as you wish.

You can also use change the order of groups by dragging the handle on the left and moving the group up or down the list.

The order of groups here will match the order it will appear on the contact record.


Happy grouping!


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