The Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Is Why I Still Prefer it Over All Other Automation Platforms

It’s the Infusionsoft campaign builder that makes it the best automation platform among all the others. And I am not just saying this because this is the first-ever platform that I have worked on.

I have been working on automation platforms since 2009 and I still prefer Infusionsoft over all the others. And I have worked on a lot!  Continue reading “The Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Is Why I Still Prefer it Over All Other Automation Platforms”

Field Groups Now In Active Campaign

I love that you can create an unlimited number of custom fields in Active Campaign, however, there used to be no way to categorize them. So when you’re viewing a contact record, expect there to be a very long line of custom fields sitting in the first tab. One of my clients has hundreds of custom fields, and we have had issues where not all fields how in the record. I wrote Active Campaign support about this and they have not replied to me with a solution.

Until Field Groups came along. Continue reading “Field Groups Now In Active Campaign”

Why I Recommend AccessAlly For Membership Sites

In this post I write about why I recommend AccessAlly for membership sites.

I have done countless membership site setups using several popular plugins like Wishlist Member, Paid Memberships Pro, and plugins created specifically for integration with Infusionsoft like iMember360 and Memberium. Because my work centered mostly on Infusionsoft, I have been a big fan of iMember360. Continue reading “Why I Recommend AccessAlly For Membership Sites”

Using Partials in CustomerHub

One of the cool things about using CustomerHub as a membership site platform is the use of partials. Partials are basically snippets that can be reused in different areas of a page.

Where to find Partials

Partials is located in the Library menu – Partials.

customerhub partials

You can also create Partial Templates if you mean to create several versions of a partial. Continue Reading

Finding The Payflow Merchant ID In Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft’s Spring Release has made several major changes in the system, one of which is the handling of merchant accounts in the E-Commerce module. While all other merchants are still listed in E-Commerce – Settings – Merchant Accounts, Infusionsoft has placed any Paypal-related systems, including its flagship merchant – Payflow Pro, from there and put it somewhere. Continue Reading