Using Partials in CustomerHub

One of the cool things about using CustomerHub as a membership site platform is the use of partials. Partials are basically snippets that can be reused in different areas of a page.

Where to find Partials

Partials is located in the Library menu – Partials.

customerhub partials

You can also create Partial Templates if you mean to create several versions of a partial.

Creating a Partial

Click on the Create Partial button to create a partial. You can choose to make one from an existing template, or from scratch. Name the partial and click Save.

The next page is the Editing screen where you can now place content into your partial. You can choose from the different content types at the right or simply enter your content into the empty window. You can rename the partial by going to the General Info tab at the upper right of the page.

customer hub editing tabs

You may click on the Permissions tab to identify which group or tags would give access to this partial. This is my favorite feature of the partial.

This is the default setting for partial permissions. This means all of your members can see the contents of this partial.

ch partials permissions default

If you choose Certain Members though, you can set the Group that can access/see this partial.

You can even by more specific so that only those that possess a specific tag or tags have access to the partial. Simply click on the link ‘add custom permissions‘ to expand the fields.

ch partial permissions custom

This is what it looks like when expanded:

ch partials permissions custom expanded

You can choose from existing tags, or create a new tag. You can also specify which existing Subscription products when purchased will allow access to this partial. Neat, huh?

You may have noticed the Teaser checkbox at the bottom of the tab. This allows you to specify content that those who have no access will see in place of the actual content for the partial. It may be an excerpt or sales copy to entice them to pay to see the actual content.

I love partials because it allows for customized access to specific areas on a page and you only need to specify which groups, tags or even subscription products that will be able to access it.

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